21 Sept 07

by - 12:56 AM

hais .
jacqueline, ni yao hai si wo ar? neber give me time-table .
called ur home, u sayy u leave le . wah kao .
good thing, i didnt trust u sho much le .
i sms piq and fiona .
in case one of dhem didnt noe or seee .

qo sch alone . saw ruwaidah n jacqueline .
u wanna act? let's act .
well, ii'm not fann wonq, but ii m sure u r worst than mo xiao linq .

hais . poor mabel . come late to sch . i sit with kelly .
Well, i seem alwayys dhe xtra one out . zz .. all of dhem hab parther .
hope dhey not tt angry lorhs .

omq omq omq !! oral sia .. so scared . shaking all over .
Vidya&Jeslyn still can joked around . lols . Miss Farah quite good marhs .
Ah Sam, y u sayy till so bad like tt?? make me think i'm doom .zz ..

Bloodly pic is the MRT . nothing to talk about sia . zzz ..
i thought only ms farah was the only cherr hu laughted .
But, many said theirs oso .. zz ..
wad sho funny ???
everythinq is about MRT de .
Convesation oso MRT de . so sianz .
So nervous . Read lots of wronq things .
-Add 'the', when there is no 'the' .
-Say wronq . is 'passenger', not 'cumtomer'

aiyo, die liao larhs . Neber mind larh . over liao, should be happyy then .

dhen went back homeroom . Wait wait a while, dhen can qo home le .
took a bus, 136 tuhh rp .
qo out with fiona&sinyi&flora&deslyn&moremoremoremore .. ..
went to rp tuhh eat . Macs .

dhen went tokinq to deslyn about jacqueline .
She mondayy qoinq to die liao . hahas .
oso tok abt nqee fenq . Sayy he sho fan larhs .

Jacqueline lurves K.K
K.K lurves Joeyy .
Joey lurves Nqee Fenq ??
Nqee Fenq lurves Marilyn .
So complicated isit ?? lols .
We oso sayy that all human who byy the name of 'Feng' is so fan .Jus like Zhi Fenq . hahas . ooppss .. lols .
Then, SinYi, Fiona & I walked home frm rp . Used comp till now .
q2q coz i nid to watch tv le . qing you ke yuan .
todayy xian jian last ep .
Aiyo, ii onlyy watch dhe last 10mins .
dhe fightinq missed . sad ):

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