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**forgot tuh tell uu .. ii saw tt actress, frm ying huo chong de meng .
She wearinq nan chiua uni, dunoe is herr or nort . looks lyk herr ..

todayy is vry bad dayy sia ..
got photo-takinq, i buyy the 3R(fun&formal).
dhen ish sci lesson le . Todayy is msaisha . Chem !! ilurveit ~ zzz ..
ii almost 4get most of dhe thingy liao . hab tuh revise lor . sianz ..

dhen is music .
Since mrsyeo qo give birth bb, we hab it as free period .
But was taken byy ms aisha todayy .
well, she revise with us a bit larhs ..
chem MUST study chapter 7!! 7!!7!!7!!

WTF!! joeyy neber briinq myye tie ..
die lor, but was saved byy samantha(1c)
she lent miie herr tie for awhile .

Joeyy damn bad sia ..
can she just shut her ass up and stop fuckinq??
argh!! make me sho angry sia !!

enq class did dhe formal letter wrinting .
I bet exam is about it sia .
and it's oso about sch .

Recess qo with fiona, sinyi&zhaomin .
sat next tuh cutie . zzz ..
sinyi damn funny lor .
we 4 ppl can sit,
dhey can onlyy sit 3 .
hahas ..
zzz ..

CT = common test ..
tt fat ass cherr came and took our class ..
he damn lame lor .
keep asking us tuh sit here, sit there .. zzz ..
told him is self study le .
keep insist that is test .
in the end, waste sho much time,
dhen tell us is self study .
dnt nid tuh liao le larhs ..
so noisy and wasted so much time .

math ..
nothinq happen much .
jus that we(some) are late tuh class .
including me .
coz that bloody cherr lock dhe boiis inside the classroom ..
zzz ..
fat ass cherr .. got 8&dhe haf months le .. careful sia .. lols ..

chiinese ar ..
todayy got the listening thingy . is lyk, ii'm not too sure about qns 1&2 .
But the rest, i'm comform larh . CORRECT ! :)

qo cp and eat in kopitam with esther&besslyn .
Besslyn leave early .
dhen walk walk around cp lor ..
dhen saw lap kwan .
and con con .

dhen qo home, found that i lost myye keyy .
dhen mum naqs naqs naqs .. xia lan !!! fan si le !!!

dhen too emo le ..
zzz ..
listen tuh sha shou for a million times .
still not sianz yet ..

piq called and that ass hole sayy dhat ii m slpinqq .. y not say fuckinq sia ??
see i'm slpinq 1st marhs ..
alwayys lykdat ..
did ii ever tok tuh guangmin and sayy she not free, later dhen call??
onlyy iif u busy rite?
n i will inform u de marh .
u wanna be mean,
ok .
let's all be mean !!
fuck sia ..

mayybe now qoinq down tuh vileen downstair der tuh playy with fire ..
and burn tins ..
lols ..

q2q .. bb ..
buais ~

jinqwen .
p/s burn all the ass holes awayy :)

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