by - 9:30 PM

haiis .. sho sianz..
still g0t enq compo haven done. and sum more g0t headache.. all bcoz sch reopen tml and ii dnt hab a good niite slp. Sum more ii didnt even hab it fer 2 niite.. haiis ..
and ii wonder iif ii shall part back my old hair style or not .. haiis .. Big problem.. empty stomach hurts .. haiis .. dnt n0e wad to do.. dnt wanna do tt compo thingy.. haiis... er.. jacqueline oso, wanna call herr, but ii think she mightmust be slpinq at thish time .. not blaminq her.. coz she must hab be doinq sumthin till late at niite..

wtf, isit my fault tt only she can use SWEETEST ADDICTION?? no right? wah pianq.. call me a copycat.. my fault ar? dhen u shall complain to dhe maker of thish nice skin. coz is she make one,and ii jus a passer-by, who saw it and think is it pretty, so ii took it only.. my fault ar? She's the pne who make it. Not happy can scold her, not sayinq i'm a copycat! Everytime kena scoldinq .. y cant uu ask y ii must do that, before u start sayinq ii copycat!?!? haiis .. ii cant understand uu ppl.. btw, iif u say my link riite? dhen ii shall tell u that, mine link iish not jus SWEETEST ADDICTION, ok? got put 1314 and xp. The real person who reallly copy and that adam or wadever sh!t he is.. I saw in .. 4got who bloq liao.. and he riite in dhe taqboard woth dhe link of SWEETEST ADDICITON.. wadever..

dnt wanna tok too much liao .. iif not, ii will becum a Complain Queen le..
haiis .. Headache liao, still lyk that.. no cure. . now more hate qoinq to sch le.. haiis ..

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