by - 1:33 AM

hais ..
last night damn angryCUMsad lor ..
i really didnt do anythinq wronq marhs ..
i noe exams r cuminq and that's why i study 1st dhen qo use comp .
why must it from 7.30 tuh 9.30pm?? ONLY .
I really cant understand it .
ii oso g0t do homework marhs .
Not as if i didnt do .
hate u all larh, bustards!!
onlyy bytches dhen noe how tuh take ppl handfone away ..
and bloody anyhow cane human beinq .
qo die larhs .
everytime alwayys lykdat .
do wad must tell,
i'm not a baby, ok?
yar, i perfectly noe wad u will reply me .
yar, once i sce 2, i'm qoinq tuh work .
i care hack u all le .
poket moneyy is $3 . knn . wan me tuh die isit ?
kns . qo eat sh*t larh u ..bloddy shuckers .

now havinq headache sia ..
cant stand it le ..
q2q .. later dhen continue on another post .
had tuh loq out tuh help rachel make her bloqskin n cbox thingy .
hais ..
zzz ..
buai ~

jinqwen .
p/s ass holes .

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