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todayy joeyy late, sho yilin sit with me durinq readinq period . Fan si le larhs .
Borrowed Fiona's Mr Midnight .
Yi Lin keep wanna read.
She in the end read for 10mins sia .
Then she lyk tu lan me lyk tt.
Coz i took it back .(with great pls)

First lesson : Lit .
slackinq . hais, sittinq with winona&rachel with great sian-ness .
They keep readinq their bloody story book . Copied&lend homework .

2nd lesson : ELSW .
Sittinq wif a mad doqqy . Sad . 命真苦呀!! I tokinq tuh myyeself, she oso wanna tok .
She wanna act isit? dhen let's act dhen . See who actinq better .
Haiss . Got tuh do finish dhe bloody Informal letter writing .
Si Bei Sian de lor .

hhhmm .. 3rd lesson ar .. think is math hor ..
good tin done math le .
wad heng sia, mrtan neber called me .
sad, he called fiona . Ans is red larhs .. zz, still can rmb .

Recess ate with Fiona, dhey all lor . Better dhen sitting with Rachel&Jacqueline and choking myyeself tuh eat faster .
Jeslyn(1c de) told me that, she saw dhem eating happily, without .
Say they lyk very happy todayy . Me TOO !! hahas .
dhey dumb ass marhs .
Jeslyn told me that when we are siting together in bus jus now .
Eatten a veryy 辣TomYam . Siao sia .

After that is english . sian sian sian sia .. dhen er, we do wat ar ?? hhmm ...
oh, yar .. finding the bloody meaning of dhe words from the lame dic . zzz .. mondayy marhs .. most monday dhe time is spend on thish .

aahhh .. sianzz. Chinese class . Write in chinese barhs .. 自从蔡老师回来后,我没有一天好过。 每一天,一有华文的话,我们都一定要做功课。今天是写“应用文”。 我不知道为什么我最近很depress啦。
Used tuh lurve chinese alot de . Why i became sho sian and emo liao ??
Wad's wronq with me ??
better ask vidya tuh brinq me tuh find counserer . lols .

Sci now, hhhmmm, qo tuh dhe ava room, dhen found ms aisha not der, dhen we qo tuh dhe comp lab tuh playy lor .(of coz wif a bl00dy cherr la)
zzzz .. sch de comp sho laq de sia .. i qo kicked dhe PC and kena see byy cherr .
woo ~ neber kena scoldinq ; too great ;)
lols .
dhen qo see dhe Jj killa thingy, but youtube in sch de too laqqy . Whole moive onlyy qo till 46Secs, dhen laq dher le . zzz ..

hahas .. hermen, joshua&delwyn qo dsiao cutie545 . zzz ..
dhey qo took over her comp and started tuh see dhe maple ranking usinq it . zzz ..
hais ..
lols ..
OB la, cutie . "OII !! ROASTED PIG, ANYONE ??!!??" hahas .
dhen went tuh dhe locker, and waited for joeyy&yilin dhey all tuh qo away .
dhey keep blockinq myye wayy&myye locker .
Ahem lots of times, oso neber heard .. deaf la .. hahas ..
is not death&decay .
is deaf&toothdecayy .. hahahas ..

dhen qo tuh dhe bus stop lor . waited fer 83 .
Todayy dhey all neber qo out and makan lor . So i qo cp and dabao kfc home lor .
In bus sit with Jeslyn(1c) .
Our class de, morning not feeling too well, qo home le .
Took piq de hp and playy ..
eeww .. his keypad not good de .
playy dhe ddr(brendon on ddr)- must qo watch .
Link :
and oso dhe o2jam lor . damn hard tuh press de lor .

I qo help him do his fucking bloq larh .
He made me so tulan lor .
Ask me help him do, i do lor .(the template) dhen keep on edit himself . Making it more worst .
So tu lan .
He dare tuh next time mess up .
He qo clean himself lor . hahas .. :P

tat's all fer todayy lor .. hahas ..
q2q .. BYE ~

jinqwen .
p/s sianz ..

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