Notice Board .

by - 5:30 AM

To all human, or people, who understand myye br0ken enq language . Tytys . But, i hope u all will not be angry with wad i wrote or wadever .. but, if u r not happy, pls dont act a biq fuss over it . or tell me 'hey jingwen, u are beinq very funny .' or wadever . Like wise, if u dnt like my blog, pls dnt even ever come. u dnt like me or hate me, u should not hab come thish bloq . To dhat whoever, which always called me a betrayer for no reasons . And never leave a name, u r a coward . By the way, i will delete any message from dhe bloq if u neber leave ur name or at least let me noe hu r u larhs . tytys .

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