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ooo ..
went tuh sch sho earlyy sia ..
qo wif ruwaidah .
jacqueline later dhen cum .
dhen i suppose tuh sit with rachel,
in dhe end hab tuh sit with her .
but luckily, we hab tuh move up .
dhen i can get tuh sit with rachel again .

wah lao !!
mrtan vry mean sia ..
nigel keep tokinq, he neber scold him .
Jacqueline tok tuh me dhen cherr thought is brendon .
he like jacqueline better, sho dun wanna paiseh her .
zz ..
shut up la niqel !!
diam diam sia ..
damn u bloody ass hole .

1st class ish hist .
sit with fiona&sinyi .
lols . sinyi vry funny .
btw, i didnt do dhe math,
so did many ppl .
we rushinq doinq it, until
msyeo sayy she wanna throw tt paper away .
we do finish her bloody work, which i didnt even understand how tuh do it .
hais .

dhen went tuh art .
do do do dhe mind map .
i wanna make dhe poster,
coz more easyy marhs ..
but a lot of ppl do thish .

dnt .
jacqueline didnt brinq her worksheet .
dhen cherr asked hu didnt brinq, she rised up dhe hand(abit)
so cherr didnt see .
went tuh called names .
ii told her tuh rise up higher, she say high enough le .. zzz ..
tu lan faces almost everywhr .. hahas ..

recess ate tom yam . not with jac n rachel, comform de marhs ..
zzz ..

after that ish math .
dont nid tuh pass up sia .
is classwork .
but i did larh, left the last qns . hack care .
i by now dnt even understand wad is a bysector .. zzz ..
wadever the name is ..

chinese class .
do sum worksheet .
sylvia vry funny .
whenever hermen wanna asked me qns,
she will ku yi asked me . or sum did not .
lols .

qeoq class again .. hais .. sianzz ..
do do do and do ..
dhen can qo home le .
didnt qo locker .
dhen carry dhe whole bloody books home .
headache sia ..
wadever ..

still got dnt n art homework tuh do .
art can hack care larhs .
dnt later barh ..
see tml got dnt or not .
no, dhen i hack care .

q2q, bloody hell askinq(naqs) me tuh qo drink water le .
and ii wanna slp le ..
used comp till now le lor .
bb .
buai !

jinqwen .

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