by - 12:01 AM

Sian larhs .. nth much tuhh do sia ..
I mean, g0t alot, but wanna slack, shoo didnt&dont wanna do .
zzz .. cant rite much&nth tuhh riite much .
Jus dhat, ii spend myye $3 for luch on Pink Dolphin&InstantNoodles .
Wah Kao sia, eat ppl $$ one sia . So xia lan .
Pink Dolphin normally coz $1.10, euu qo sell $1.30 .
InstantNoodles - $1.70 .

Next time dont buyy it from euu larhs . Wad a mama shopp is thish ?? hais .

i totallyy hate -
dhat fat ass, sugerly fail, look so ugly and horible de Jacqueline
(Look carefully, herr ears werid werid de, wonder if she really a human .)
lols (:

Rachel, uue dnt wanna miie to qo see ur bl0q, fine larhs . I knew ur URL all alonq . But, needd invitation . Ask u tuhh invite miie, neber replyy me in msn . Wat Kao . Who cares ?? No one, onlyy Jac will read ur bl0qqie, scince euu onlyy told her . But all dhe post u will sure rite der about homework&marks . dhen, u sure u n0e h0w tuhh use marhs? dhat time almost let us flung the whole qeoq proj . ):

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