by - 6:28 AM

sianz ..
haiis ..

bloqqie is for wad?
for wad happen in life .
in wad happen tuh dhe ppl around u .
if u care fer dhat person,
y shld u rite it down in ur nice bloqqie?
makes me really wonder ..


u walks away,
leavinq me in pain .
u hurt me and told me
i hurt u .
i make u happy,
u make me sad .
i look like a fool tuh u,
u look like a anqel tuh me .
i treated u lyk god,
u treated me lyk qrass .
after u ran away,
leavinq me lonely,
on the poor staqe of loneliess .
u broken my fuckinq heart,
while i onlyy broken off
ur beautiful pack of lyinq secrets .
i use myye time,
wasted on dhem,
tuh qo out wif u.
u think it was a waste of time,
and ur memories .

By dhe time i heal,
u hurt me aqain&aqain .
u said i make ur life so bad,
why do u neber tink y u panq sehme,
at dhe 1st place .
i found myye fwens,
while u found urs .
cant u really posible,
leave me alone .
since u really hurt my once,
fully healthy heart, it is time,
to heal slowly&i really hope
everytin jus solve by time ..
time qoes by ..
less hurt if u ever stop actinq, spamminq&lyinq ??

Copyyriited .
byy - jinqwen .

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