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To Cutie545

ask me to diam diam ar??at least i not lyk some1 so~ hum ji .bo ji .spam ppl bloq oso dun dare to put NAME on it .that 1 must b a sicko .fav name "..."hahas .delete me frm fwenster la, think i donnoe lyk tt .u delete me dhen noe i cant spam liao and change ur URL of ur bloq .

Escape escape larhs .. hum ji . bo ji .dhen after delete dhen neber tell, and oso dhe rite der diam diam ..u dhen diam diam la !cum ppl de OWN bloq and ask ppl to fcuk off .think u vry lame sia ..aiya that person SHO CHIO ~~~~~ larhs ..qo ask a man and kiss him larh .. that wad she lyk . *puke*kiss kiss kiss .. hahas .. lurve guys sho much .I think N(A) de pearlie is better dhen u lor .although she got a few hundreds of ex, but didnt qo and show off and sayy ii kiss them larh ..

ew ew ew .. *vomit*ppl saw u will sure run off sia ..take pic de skill dnt hab, worst in real life .advise u tuh qo take a thousand of photoshop classes larhs .. MAYBE can help ABIT .

sho, "CHIO BU" which poor guy u r all to next??
hahahahahahahahasxx .......

jinqwen .

p/s hahas .. ass hole !! :)

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