Tuh XiaXue . Wendyy .

by - 1:28 AM

after readinq wad [xiaxue derh real name]wendy's newest post had said, i totally aqree on wad she had said . We are jus a bloqqer, tuh bloq, tuh qive our own opinion on some things, those who dnt aqree, cant get lost, right? u hab u own thinkinq, but why must we listen tuh ur idea, ur thinkinq, ur wadever bull sh*t? we are humans too . We hab our OWN ideas&thinkinq . We think teddybbear is sho cute . U think is lame .
That's ur mind of thinkinq . Stop dirty us with ur mind of thinkinq ..
Wendyy, dnt get too up set over this thingy . Xu Zhenq Ronq hab his own style of thinkinq, so does u n me .

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