by - 12:36 AM

2day is another borinq day. tml mayb q0inq out wif Jevi or slackinq again.. Thish wh0le week of n0 studyinq is g00d and b0rinq.. although ii wanna q0 back t0 sch, but seeinq dhe teachers faces.. haiis.. ii still haven d0 finish dhe enqlish c0mp0 h0mew0rk.. sianz.. ii t0ld my sis and mum tt ii n0 hmwk le.. I hate it siia.. askinq fer help n0w..

Read 5 bl0qqies 2dae.. haiis.. dhen f0und 0ut tt jacqueline's bl0q riitiinq tt pers0n's bad thinqs. Wishinq ii haven read iit.. c0z ii felt ii, it is sayinq me .. haiis .. beta dnt think t00 much barhs..

Read May's, Jacinta's, Yilin's, Jeslyn's and Jacqueline's .. N0w tryinq t0 p0st mine.. haha..

Sry la, Jac, neber link euu.. n0w qoinq t0 link lia0, ok? but, uu must 0s0 link mine de, okk?? hahas ..

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