by - 6:30 AM

kool .
finally can qo in liao .
zzz ..
aiyo, thish few days sho lonely .

thx to sinyi and fiona~ tytys .
fiona, jiayous to lvl to lvl 55 barhs .. wanna 2x tell me .. ><

EL oral cominq soon .
Fridayy . i dun wan larhx !! hais .. T_T
hate it sia, specially dhe picture discussion .
exams coming liaos . sianz . jus right after children's dayy .
hack care to study larhs . - . -
more i study, dhe more i cant rmb .

well, todayy mdm ng didnt come todayy. was teached byy mdm lim . downstairs cherr .
afterr dnt is lit - . -
mrs liew didnt come .
mayb she was still at home crying non stopp .
coz ydt she teaching us, but no one listen to herr, so she cry .
poor thing .

last lesson, history .
cherr still on dunnoe wad course, for 2 weeks
still haven come backk yet .
cherr in class is mrjohn .
slackinq all alonq .
after 30mins, most of us go slp le .
me too . too tired .

dhen went locker and put some books ...
and went to dhe canteen and eat wif fiona&sinyi .
dhen went to choirr .
mrkuek give us sonq sheets again .
dhen sinq till back&shoulder so tired .
and release us at 4.30 [=

qo cp wif jeslyn, together wif cutie545 .
and went to kiddy palace .
sinqinq all dhe wayy
"put the blame on me"
sinq so loudly till ppl stared .
lols .
zzz ..
dhen went home wif jeslyn .

reached home byy abt 6.05 .
watched xian jian .
dhen went to bath,
and comp .
everyone sho good, can play maple&audi .

ok, q2q . bb ..

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