by - 2:20 AM

Why cant ppl understand me better b4 they start scolding me?? Hate her lor .

Hum ji sia . Dare to scold me face to face marhs ? No back up oso wad . Think u look preetty??
Ah pui de !!
照一照镜子先吧! 死八婆. ACBC .

Before ii started qoinq with Fiona dhey all u already lie tuhh me liao larhs . That's whyy . I hate liers . Called me a freak . Thank you, I simply love tuhh play Percussion Freak .

Si bei hate herr lor . Think u queen isit? yar, queen of bull sh*t .
Bytch lor . Xia Lan . Neber do much tins tuhh euu oso marhs .
Mondayy uue will sure get it frm me !! (or mayybe nott)-See if can rmb .

U thinkk u spam ppl and chanqe ur URL good ar?
Think properlyy 1st . dhat's called hum ji, bo ji !! Lamer .
Spammers have no life . Na Bei Fcuker !! Kns, knn, knnb !!

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