by - 3:40 AM

yesh !!
g0t another godsister le .. jiejie ~ lols .

wah kao sia ..
morninq raininq sia ..
qo tuh sch, wet wet le .
sit with yilin todayy ..
she vry funny sia ..

lamez ..
p.e, do self studyy ..
ok, before ii continue, this is myye daily life .
So wad happen i will rite here .
I not wanna act pity on sad or anqry thinqs happen dhen put here de .
remember that . &i hab NO biqq mouth lyk whoever tuh qo tell everyone
ur wadever thinqy sia ..
do dnt homework . dhe tower thingy .
dhen joey .. argh .. no scoldinq pls ..
asked me abt a person .. no writinq or more worst tuh come .
& i nid tuh tell everyone that i dnt lyk HIM!!!
okok, relax ..
argh ..wait wait, ii keep listeninq tuh dhe same sonq aqain&aqain ..
qo chanqe first ..
listeninq tuh jianq jun linq . byy wu ke qun .
okok, vry fan le .. wait, chanqe sonq ..
wu yue tian - wo you chu lian le :)
dnt . madam nq neber come .Sinyi too quiet le .
but later she ok . But still neber tok tuh fiona . (coz of me??)
recess eat with sinyi dhey all .
so an jinq .
dhen went enq class le .
enq nid tuh do compre . n summary .
haven done it .
nid tuh do!! later larh ..
fiona done le .
hais ..
Math . (aqain!!) *qoan..*
forqot wad happen le .
jeslyn dhey all sinq dhe
silence is qolden tuh a new version . kool sia .
wayy tuh qo man !! :)
av in classroom .
no av.
got self studyy .
damn funny de .
i qo cut winona's hair, dhen came a PRO and was her turn . (jeslyn)
really, not bad sia, her cuttinq . hahas ..
charmaine came alonq n wanna cut her hair too ..
class famous nice nice hair award tuhh WINONA LEONG ! !
lols .
Really, she look nicer in look of, thinner eye brows, no spec,
hair version . (in view of jeslyn . )
dhen g0t chinese oral . okok larhs ..
asked me how tuhh be good tuhh our parents ??
How m i suppose tuuhh noe ?!?!?
dhen wait fer fiona, dhen went home, byy 83CUM27 .
Saw a old fwen of CVPS .
q2q, gotta do enq summary .
which biq mouth told zhifenq de?? i dnt lyk anybody, ok?!?
is that fine with u bytches??(or bustards) who anyhow sayy de ..
kao bei kao bu .
si bei si bu .
bo bei bo bu .
ka ni na bu .
damn their asses ..
end here le ~ :)
p/s - tuh Sylvia :: tys ! sry larh .. make u almost cant eat ur lunch :)
- tuh Fionq :: told u she will tok tuh u de ~ relax sia .. (:

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