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Yesh ! wait for the whole dayy, 终于可以了! 太高心了!
Sian 的 lor .
一整天没做到什么东西。 很多功课还没做到。
Tmr Sundayy . Dhe last dayy to do all the homework .
SciChem ; Math 16A, and more Ex .
Think still got more sia . But cant rmb liao .
Orhs Yar!

Art Preparation
haven even decide which one to choose to do .
die x3 :/

Suppose to qo down and burn down the park with Yilin and Vileen.
But sudden emo and wanna slack . Too stress .
Sho ask dhem to burn themselves lor .
Damn piq, qo larhs .
Givinq nosense of i not qoinq u oso nott qo .
U wana slack&euu jolly n0e that ii will n0t qo de marhs .
Wad la? scared lose face isit? lols . zz ..

didnt eat anythinq scince afternoon .
Ate two breads myye jie brought fer me .
tytys jie ! dhen slack till now .
Jie not at home .
Mum returned frm work . zz .. she headache sia . and always make me wonder yy she still can naq at me?? now again .. argh !! Nid to shut comp soon .
She too 'wadever' le .

Tokinq abt 'wadever'.
Jie this evening show me a clip from Youtube, abt a little cute girl saying 'whatever'.
Sho cute sia ~
too bad, myye comp no sound .
lan comp !
i cant heard her voice .
But see from her face,
told me she look a bit of piss of
when she keep repeatinq dhe same words . hahas .

I dont really what i did todayy .
I brought 'Teens'&'Teenage' .
Wanna borrow frm me?
taq me or sms or call me . ><

Sianzz ..
Anti Cutie545 is offically Open ! Anybody intersted pls join .
Below is dhe link :

Top 10 people who join will, donnoe ..?? wadever .. hahas ..

On comp whole dayy . Heyhey !! g0t let it relax de larhs . ooo ...
zzz .. q2q le ~

To sylvia
Hope u can find dhe spammer .
To Fiona
jiayous in lvl-inq up barhs ~(same qoes to zhaomiin)

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