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Yo ppl!!

didnt ate breakfast thish morninq . wanna died ah . so hungry . can eat dhe world table, plus a thick math textbook . zzz ..

aiyo ar .
todayy still got P.E larhs .
who sayy no?
who sayy is self-studyy .
sianz .
good that we didnt playy in dhe end .
good lorhs .

g0t earthquake .
brendon fell down .
in brendon's opinion, is zhifenq pushed him down to make a earthquake .
but, of coz, the shui luo shi chu . In which, hab to ask zhifenq lor . hahas .

mrleonq teachinq us dhe oral for tomorrow . zzz .
thought is next fridayy lerh . sho scared and angry . zzz .
pls larhs, lin shi bao fuo jiao, no cure de larhs .
but die die must try lorhs . lols .

math lesson . zzz ..
knn . hab to do dhe chaper 13, statiestics . sho sianz .
dhen dhey sabo sinyi to mrtan . Sayinq todayy is sinyi bdayy .
zzz .. hermen wanna soboed byy thricia to qo up and sing happy bday sonq to sinyi . lols . but he took his time and so, he wanna need to dance too . lawls . He went to sabo delwyn and joshua to dance and sinq too .
zzz . happyy bdayy to sinyi ~ poor herr, lost her honghong on herr bdayy .

recess ate with fiona and sinyi . last tom yam gotta by sinyi liao . sho good horh, birthdayy girl ? lolz .

chinese lesson sho bo liao . cant slack liao . cai lao shi come back liao . hab to dayy dayy do n do n do zuo ye le . zzz .
sian larhs .
but dhen, hermen and delwyn, as per normal, playyinq a fool . zz .

Next is art lorhs . cherr tok sho slow n wanna make me fell a slp le .
keep talkinq abt dhe exam thingy . aiya . art only larh . pass can liao . now slackinq . hopinq to pass all myye exam without studyinq . zzz ..
Cutie545 kana tricked by thricia n mabel . zzz ..
wanna sweets ? yep . In there was onlyy papers in dhe sweet wraper . lols .
hais . got dhe test paper liao . hack care to do larhs . wait till i see who doinq wad and wad is dhe easlier one, dhen i do lorhs .

hais larhs ..
qo mrtan's homeroom again . thish time, delwyn was saboed byy hermen . and all of dhem saboed one another . joshua, hermen and delwyn had to sinq 'Silence is Golden' and dance dhe twist dhe light bulb touched the doq dance . while kaiteck n adri, hippo dance . zz ..
we went down to dhe pond and paste our posters there . Suppose to be clean n tidy . Now looks like ppl or police taking up 'wanted' posters there .

after sch, sinyi is really to take revenge of hermen .. zz .. pour him water till he whole shirt wet . dhen 1A de marcus came n kana get pour for no reason . (bu xiao xin de larhs) dhen , ming yang came and pour sinyi water till she is sho wet .

when to hougang mall and eat with sinyi, fiona, sylvia, kelly, casslynn n mabel . Thricia went home . Ate in lonq john lorh . combo 3, i think . $6.90 ... zz ..
rich ppl hab good food .zzz .. poor me .. ii will return u yar $3 de . slowly by slowly can ?? plsplspls .. lols .
dhen went back and settle dhe library card, and return dhe books . All brendon de fault la . Damn him . zz .. hab to walk around dhe whole cp . qo library, 7eleven, top up machine and library again .. zz .. hate hiim .. zz ..

dhen went home usinq comp till now, jus now till now keepinq riting thish never endinq blog . zz .. finally can get out of here . but, maybe b back tml . see ya~ zz .. good luck fer oral tml .. enq sia ..

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