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haiis ..
ytd, ii and Jacqueline, planninq to qo to PC Bunk @ fernvale point de.. then ii told her to meet me in my house, coz not only me qoinq, but the guys maybe qoinq too.. then she said to me in sms.. ii will neber forget and forgive of it.

1st sms : "Wa la0 i dunn0 hw t0 contact thm."
2nd sms : but haf s0 many blk 240 de. Which 1? i'd rather meet in cp
3rd sms: Aiya near ur pri sch or wad
4rd sms : Arqh s0 confusinq i q0 out with ruwaidah is easier

She may not notice that every move and words she had said breaks my heart. Maybe to you, you may think is total crap. She may support her in her words. You may think I'm forcing her. But, do you know that is it her who I always think of 1st. Goinq to PC Bunk @ Fernvale, cool, maybe invitinq Jacqueline maybe good, as she can train her maple and audi? Or maybe you might just said, "hey, jingwen, just leave her alone la!"

The answer is that, I put her as Best fwen, care for everyone, plus her.. that is what she is in return. She maybe reading it right now, dying to kill me at this moment, but, think this, if I do no put you as best best fwen, why do I nid to care about you?

Maybe, Jac, you will said that, "oii, it is my choice if I wanna take you as my fwen or not, ok?" I surly will say yar, but in this sch, do you know that ii'm always sticking wif you? Coz ii hab not really hab a real fwen to stick to.. Nowadays, panqseh me for no reasons when we were supose to meet and go out, when we are eatinq lunch together?

I know you will say that, "jingwen, it is time to move on and get new fwens and get on wif life." And I see that you hab make urself a lot of fwens. So, what's the point of complaininq that you always hab stress? Sayinq, you need some rest. I see that ur mum does not care about you, that's wad you want, right? And ii see that you hab more $$ than ii am. And ii see that can play maple and audi, while I? I cant! So, ii am tryinq to say that, you r luckly and not under so much stress as I'm.

You ... well, you got more fwens than me.. everything is more. So? I'm not tryinq to let anyone pity me or wadever sick reasons you or herr can think of.. I know that if Jacqueline, you read this post, you may even wanna break fwenship wif me or hate me 1314. But, I hope that when you read till the end.. I hope you still can be my best best bestie fwen ever..1314..


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