15 Oct 2007

by - 12:40 AM

Yeah !!
Monday don't need to go to sch !!! ^^
So happy and so sianzz ..
and outside pouring so heavily .
I wanna play audi and maple but cant .

Downloading the song, 'We Belong togther' . ^^
Ok, downloading DONE . ^^

This few days, nothing for me to complain or getting angry about .
This's cool ^^
But life is bit of boring with that ^^

Talking complaining .. Why do teens or even Singaporean Adults love to spam people's blog?
Cause they don't have anything to do ? Or they wanna have more friends or enermies?
Or they just thinking that spamming is sort if their hobby ? Well, a nice one .

Spamming and flooding is the same thing . The same meaning right ?
Just that, if that person don't like you, and you flood him or her mail box or tagboard or even friendster, they will called it spamming .
If that person loves you more than you can even think, and you spam him or her, they will called it flooding .

It's a surprize that none of us know what's the real reasons why we spam one another .
Most reasons, after surveying, are that, hating one another or just hate her/his bloody face .
Well, Singaporeans, if we continue like that, (most teens would not agree) one day, really, they may close down this type of things in case of spamming or what you sometime may called, flooding .

Well, i'm not applying this to anyone of my friends, but if you do spam, do lor, but not that much and be brave to put down your nice name .

p/s Well, if you think i'm saying you, pls, I'm saying anyone who spam . Not only you . Sometime i did, but don't ever cross the line . ^^

That's all . Tada ~

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