16 Oct 2007

by - 9:40 PM

Zzz ..

So sianz ..
Nothing better to do .

Listening to 'We Belong Together' a thousand and one times and didnt get fed up by it .
Maybe coz it's too nice ^^

Fiona post her bloqqie le . Flora haven yet . Looking at people's bloqqie and writing testi/comments for people . Want one too ? taq me lor .
Hi5 is on maintain . Tagged got friends request . Friendster got comment .

So sianzz, if I still got my bloody sound card, I can watch moive in youtube . Or even listen songs .

Anyone wanna go out?? Tell me pls, 63865508 or even msn or taq me . (no prank call)

Wah seh .. from full batt, listen to the same song till now low batt, soon no batt .

Ah, my fone number 93352559, cant be used . PUK code lock .___________.

Buying a new computer soon(maybe) . Having a new number soon . (maybe)
Not really comform . New number will tell euu all de ^^ Now 12.58PM .. sianzz no shows ..

Tata ~


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