28 and 29 Oct 2007 Sunday and Monday

by - 11:00 PM

Hi .
So sorry for not being allow to post this few days .
Yesterday went out to Parkway there to shop shop and to Kallang there to eat the famous laksa .

You think Laksa are hot and spicy? This bowl is not . I ordered one big derhs . Moma and sister ordered a smaller one . I though it will be spicy . Real spicy . But no .

Saw pictures of stars . Jacky Wu was there . Ou Xuan was there and many many more . Cool .
If I'm a star too, my picture will be there too!!!(okay, dream on!) lawls .

Ok, brought a new shoe . Fake one luh . Okay, but have to say I like it . Although I don't like, but make me so piss off was that I said I'm okay with fake unbranded shoes liao, and you are so unhappy for what? You were the freaking one who asked me to buy it .

Just that I'm afraid my foot can't go into next year . HA!

Okay . Whatever .

Now watching Nanoha StrikerS .
Crunchyroll.com ^^
too bad have to pay money to full screen and higher quality .

There there .
The forwards are smart .
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS - Episode 12
Happy Watching .
At least I don't need to see nude guys . HA!
Gross~ HA!

I now then know that Parkway got a Timezone and it SUCKS to THE CORE!!
Cause the Percussion Master drums .
1 spoited .
1 ok .
but I keep losing .
Cause I 1st time know that can add speed and I went to add it .
Wah, got 'Opps I did it again' and I opps! and lost it .

Whatever .

And that lame Chinese New Year song oso . Wah, add speed once only and so fast!!
Like siao lorh .

And it's $1.40 per game and I only play 1 or 2 stages luh! Hate it man!!

Whatever .

Gotten a new short too! Way too nice man~
Okay, frankly tell you, it looks way to normal but cause I can never ever buy new clothes, so I shall say it's too cool, right? HA!

Maybe .. Maybe only ar! Tomorrow will be going out to new new clothes ^^

If I can .

BuaiBuai . I'm going to watch Nanoha liao . Ep 13 liao .

p/s Yeah! No school~ Hope some people will be with me together and some can get lost ^^

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