4/10/07 Thursday

by - 3:56 AM

Haiis ..
fuck sia ..
why she keep taking over my toilet every morning??
nvm ..
hack care ..
didn't ate breakfast, only a few mouths of sh*t .
wanna vomit .
hais .
$3 per dayy . go die larh!

p.e mr phua come tuh D4-02, our temp homeroom .
no p.e . good !
i didn't bring p.e t-shirt :)

English, oh!
Bad news !!
Tomorrow need to retest !!
Coz Mdm Lee said we took this paper b4 .
I really dnt mind .
Coz i did very badly for the last one .
But I does getting worried for my Summary .
Coz i did well, but tomorrow passage is 29lines paragraphs !!

Math, Mr John took over as Mr Tan didn't come to sch today . Good !
hahas ..

Talk to Sylvia&Kelly .
Kelly, u know what is the meaning of fullstop? hahas :)
Blah Blah .. euu so bad hor !! hahas :)

Recess go with Rachel they all . Same same larhs ..
Jeslyn(1C), must help me bring that ipod/mp3 thingy wadever it is larhs .

Chinese .
Cai Lao Shi 1st 4got to take key, then take wrong, finally correct .
Wah kao .. finger hurts !! BRENDON!!
Zhi Feng !! don't euu dare to throw my wallet into the classroom again !!
hahas ..

Art teacher took a long time to come to our class ..
then Charmaine teached us to grow plants .
hahas .. no larhs .. so ouch !!
Rachel&Charmaine play the hitting of paper, stone game .
Shocking, Rachel hit so pain . Cool, Rachel 1st time hit boy .
Hermen lor .. hahas .. act crying .. emo .. hahas ..

AV so sian . Cant listen to music .
or use hp .
Read finished sylvia de Mr Midnight (:
okok ..

Go Compass Point with Jeslyn, YiLin, Jacqueline .
Went to the popular, went to read about the sex thingy .. zzz..
damn funny .. okok .. not what u think . Is the who with who better,
the signs and everything .
hahas ..
People looking at us as we laugh loudly .
zzz ..
Told u .. YiLin went home 1st .
We continue to stay there .
Then we walked walked and went to the Library .
Read some books .
Borrowed some books .
Since I have not be with them, of coz they two, their language I will not understand .

Then we went home . Both of them took LRT while I walked home liao lor .. okok .. went home and eat eat lor ..

Eat the sushi I brought and I'm too full to eat anything more .

Cool !! I got Ivan de msn and today he online, so I brave up and talk to him .. hahas .. for a few mins then he have to offline . So guai ~ :)
hahas (:

Wtfs. .. Jacqueline can u don't tell anybody you trust about who I like?? zzz ..
btw, i never say i like him . hahas =P
hahas ~

okok .. ^____^
buai ~ ^^
R3DRAINBOW&DESTINY1503(noobs) RAWKS !! PRO(noobs) 1314 !!(:
p/s hurting people unknowing is totally not my fault . Forgive is the best .

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