EOY Chinese Exam 3/10/2007

by - 12:58 AM

today is the Chinese exam .
omg .
i forgotten to write down which number I'm doing .
haiis ..

then go recess with Fiona they all .
seem to don't wanted me to be there .
then, went up the class for paper2 .

paper 2 more easy than paper1 =]
then one teacher, look alike Professor Snape .
Yi Lin kept talking about it .
Sylvia&YiLin asked me some qns .. hahas ..
I'm not too sure about the answers .. oops !
ha has ..

After sch,
i, Joey and YiLin went to the canteen, then went to the fitness corner .
To which is a playground to YiLin . ha has .

Harry[not harry potter] wanted YiLin to go Compass Point .
Joey can't go . Poor her .
Then went Compass Point .
On the way, was joined by Brendon and that papaya milkshake guy .
Then followed YiLin around Compass Point .
Didn't eaten lunch .
YiLin hor, owe me a meal . hahaha .. =P

Attention Kids teenagers !!
Got a guy working in Pizza Hut .
So Shuai !! ~ hahas !
okok, relax sia ..

Went home about 3plus .
then use comp till now .
Helped Brendon make a new skin . Nice?? go see !!

g2g .

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