EOY Enqlish Todayy . 2nd Oct 2007

1:15 AM

wah wah wah !!!
today EOY EL EXAM !!

hais ..
pause fer long mins then write again .
just now talking to Sylvia .
tml is Chinese .

i talk in English . ha .
tml got self study .
later then study lor .

written Jeslyn a msn message .
OK, can continue le .

wah .. i really hope i didn't write too much mistake .
complain letter . I think i can still cope .
If it is compliment, i sure die .
But i missed out a lot of point .
Like what they look like and how they really behave .
Oh, the topic is about writing to a school, complaining about their behavior .

Wait .. letter from friendster . Oh.. Ivan agree the friend request !!
This is so good !! OK .. relax .. haiis (:

Continue from where i stop ..
OK, as fer compo, i try not to think that I'm not out of point .
taken number 1 .
the tossing in bed .
i write a recount .
Cause i felt better to write it then a discussion .
Mr Leong had said never write a discussion .
So, I give up on it .
That tittle is 'why Internet bring more harm then good' .

After recess, continued of paper 2 .
so tired .
but luckily, never fell asleep .
I'm not too sure about maths then .
Neck hurts .
Since i began Sec sch .. hais ..
I'm always wondering if i choose Punggol,
correct choice or not ?
hais .

talking to yiqing on msn now .
hoping she can send me her dp .
Jay Chou de .
Cartoon version (X
too kawaii le .

OK, back .
where was i??
oh, OK .
Paper 2 .
the paper we done b4 .
but i didn't revise .
die die !!
Wait ar .. i go see 1st ..

OK ..
i got a lot of things wrong .
die !!

Summary hope can push up my grade .
But my summary is worst .
I just hope itself will not fail .. hais .
always left half or 1 or 2 marks to pass .

took 83 to cp and go play Percussion Master & Percussion Freak .
$4 . $2 was spent each . XD
hais .. there goes my lunch & saved $$ .. sob sob .. if Er Jie never lost my card & make it expiry .. i can still use de .. hais .. this year is too dao mei .
Zzz ..buy a soda grape then went home le .

q2q .. buais~

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