Friday, Oct 06, 2007

by - 8:06 AM

Today nothing fun, in fact,
it was damn sian .
"Life is Sian .."
okok, I started this shit again .. more to know, read the post before this .
Well well ..
Reached sch, I was damn early .
Jie lor .. wadever ..

Exchange of sweets ^^
Ok, history .
Ms Yeo gave us some worksheets .
Wah Kao !!
The notes she gave us long long time ago, does not apply to us anything .
Still have to look into the textbook .
Then, no thank . hahas .
Fine . Went back to locker recess time .
Took my history book back home . (Just in case)

Science & English is FREE period .
Ms Lee talked to Joey they all ..
I got the Akon the song, which I sent to my Er Jie later that night .(today)

Mr Leong marked the English compo . Wah .. so afraid I fail .. nonoo!!
I can't fail !! I really can't . 好人友好报。我每一次的英文课,都好好的听。
So, I think I be OK !! (hope so)

Recess .. not really anyone to go to . Don't want to join Fiona, they all .
Just in case they think I so wadever .. hais .. Join Rachel, but they oso ..
oso .. seem to avoid and don't like me . I can't do anything about it .
I just feel like, jumping off the building will be better .
(too bad, I'm bit afraid of heights)
Really, I felt no point in living . No one will cry for me . =]
That's a good thing =]
Wadever ..

English Compre .. Passage began hard, ended simple and short .
Questions are straightforward .
Summary, no confident .

All the best ..
zzz.. paper flew away .. good thing I asked Mr Tan first before picking up .
Or later I get zero .. NONO!! The Past Is The Past ..
Sickening ..
"Life Is Sick" .. Oh Boy !! When can I stop the "Life is" wadever thingy??

Walked to the bustop with Winona =]
Take 83 and seated with Jeslyn(1C)
Tys for your drink . Return the fries ASAP .

Saw Sin Yi, Sylvia, Thricia & Mable in Macs too . We gave our seats to them .. We took a two-seat . Better than hopping on fours .

Went home together .
Saw Sin Yi walked past behind us as we were under and block .

Just now saw a blog, which make me so dulan of it .
Never going to read that blog again . Nor wadever .

Brendon, wanna be to tell you how you can improve in ur maku's bloq?
That's a great doing, but that's not your own blogskin .
You still can't do write?? lols ..
Next time I saw you mine :) (quitshowingoff)

okok ..
g2g ~ buai ~ =]

jinqwen ; lurves

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