Friday Oct 12 2007 and the days before . ^^

by - 12:28 AM

Yeah ! EOY is finish .
But my heart is still in exam mood . What if i can't pass? What if ..

This few days can't blog as my sister took away my Internet wire . haiis .
Finally can blog le . Felt so happy . I'm happy to blog, not happy to read her blog .
Her blog only write sh*t .

This few days got alot of funny and disheartening stories . I'm tell in a bit of time .
I'm really confuse . She shall have not tell me . Or maybe time will solve everything .
Really, nothing to talk about . Really . Stop asking me why . Coz it's the reason .
It really piss me off . Life is happy without any sadness . any horror . Or even the reason .
You are really the reason why I hate my life . I'm saying alot of people here .
But if you think that I'm all saying about u . But mean u have to change yourself .

Last two days . Saw a Compassvale girl . Primary 2 .
By a fucking name of Chee Shiam, or whatever .
Saw her outside back gate of cvps . Sh*t her . Start to scold me 1st .
Of cox, I have to defend myself, asked her to diam diam lor . and blah blah ..

Next day, at library, with Jacqueline, saw her again . Sh*t her sia . Start to scold me 1st .
She was destroying the property of the library and dare to ask me to quiet .
She was the centre of noise making, and dare to tell me shut up . Ass hole .
Took her video and i'm putting in Youtube soon . Must go watch and comment pls ^^
Going to send to Govin soon . (btw, is that lame pricipal of my pri sch)
Can teach students till they become like that . Aiyo !

Wah .. Eaten 3 bowls of Laksa total this few days . hahas ^^

At Prime Market, guess who I saw ? Rachel !! Chio Bu Rachel !! Ahh .. still that pretty hor ?
hahas . Next time we play Percussion Freak together hor . ^^ Ask ur meimei stop drinking my bubble tea larh .. no lar no lar .. JkJk ^^ Hope to heard from you too .
Dear Baobeii ^^ stay happy ~

Went library ytd, with Ruwaidah, Jeslyn, Jacqueline and someone damn older than us . ^^
But NOT ah gong larhs .. is Ze Liang zzz .. Fine with it .. We keep joking around .
No Forcing is allow . ^^ hahas ..
Ruwaidah saw a book about Japan and it a Compass Point book .. zzz .. no larhs ..
A company name Compass Point .
And was written by ...

guess larh ..

Donovan ... hahas .. Damn funny sia ..
And I dun noe that Jacqueline can read a book the is metres thick!! no, not metres larhs ..
i really damn shock .. (yar, like whalereal)

It's ok . Really .. ^^
Went home and RELAX !!! (still cant play maple&audi) Kao !!!
zzzz ..
tml going lan to play . Going to see how doreen looks like .
Cool . ^^

Sh*t !! g2g ..
meeting ppl down to play Percussion Freak 3.30PM .
Now is 3.25PM alreadly .. die die ..
Some more, it's raining !! DIE !!

buai ~

jinqwen ; lurve hiim 1314

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