Friday, Oct 26, 2007

by - 9:12 PM

Ar lows~

Paiseh, yesterday no time to post . Came home so late le . Watch TV that time oso wanna sleep .
Choir meeting don't to go, cause I didn't go oversea with them . Waited hours for ms ten and 1.34pm she finally come .

GERALD GOH!! That ass hole !! Said what ms ten come already . No lorh, liar . You wait, I'm going to comment Sylvia about you! You just wait and see~ HA!

Wah, heng luh . Went into the band room and saw Mrs Owyong in there . Asked us to set up our instrument first and waited for Ms Ten . Nah, I don't and can't . So, I quickly and quietly went out . Brendon copycat, followed . Then we waited and waited for Ms Ten .

Wah Piang!! Holiday must go back and train leh . Can I just quit band? Dan Ying oso got go . But I wanna join Choir . Although I know I sing very very soft and whatever . Just that I don't like the band people . Whatever . If Dan Ying got go, then I go lorh . Give Ms Ten face la . Don't say I sabo her or what . 6th and 14th Nov need to go back . 8am to 9.30am !!! Damn so early . Well, I can go Timezone after that. ^^

After that, went to Compass Point and slack around Compass Point with 3 damn lame guys . Pics uploaded below . So I don't really need to say who .

Lame guys played the 'Pang Seh' game . Lame ass . Talking about ass horh .. ZF!!! I hate you!! Aiming so lan!! Fcuk la!!

Whatever .

Then went taking pics of heaven and hell . Pic of 'reaching the light' oso . Damn lame . NF can go play bowling . So good ~ HA!

Ended here le . Pics~

Uno pics oso . Mr Tan played with us UNO . Jacqueline losted . Nevermind, cause Mr Tan never asked her to sing . Losers sing .

Whatever .



Stress anyone?

Hands of my bag!!!

PSP Lover

SMS to Marilyn??

PSP Lover zz ..

Heaven .(Not really) Where is that? you know?

3 lamers


Heaven again .

Hell? Angle of Hell

My Computer . I opened it ^^

p/s Someone say my english improved .
Must thanks to Jeslyn Teh .
Thanks horh^^

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