by - 2:24 AM

haiis .
i had make a request to Jacqueline .
she miqht b actinq or for real .
i had totally no idea .
i jus wanna pack my baq and travel to a place somewhere i miqht b free .
im sick of it le .
well, u bull sh*t think dhat im dhe bloody one who start all dhe freakinq "Panqseh = Fat" or wad fatty piq or roasted piq thingy . Ask urself aqain .
Say im dhe fuckinq person who told everyone about ur maple name .
Cutie545 .
But, think b4 u start y-inq tuh person and sayy is i told off de .
THINK! u put in ur msn nick de .
and when dhey ks u, u called ur DEATH&DECAY come de .
and of coz, dhey will noe . Which fat ass dntn0t hu ur stead is?
plslar ! I tell everyone ur maple nick, plsla . way hell i tell .
I jus wanna make more fwens onlyy .. u g0t ur own wayy and i qo mine .
did i really dhe fucker who qo tell ur fuckinq ass ur bf name ?
dhat time when Brendon came and asked me about ur bf, u was der too .
im dhe freakinq ass who asked u do u wanna me tuh tell out . Now u blame on me . Way hell tuh ur ass sia .. I stop sayyinq tins fer lonq time liao, but didnt u do wad i really promise? yar, u did . Way hell tuh dhat sentence . Im just in a form of 'kind' speakinq ytd dhat can we tok about thish after exams ? yar .. u did . really, u did . dhen wad i really get is?

Fine, tuh all ppl who hate me sho much . Im makinq a bl00dy request, which mayb all of u, or sum, will not wan tuh .
dhat's forgot my past . dhe very next dayy, come and intro tuh me, hu u .
dhen we bcome fwens. (mayb classmates 1st or ..)

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