Life Is Great(fake)

by - 8:06 AM

I get sick and tired of everything .
I hate everyone, which i don't trusted in .
including the 99%, which does not even exist in my life .
hais ..
Why is life so sickening and tired ? I just hoping I can marry off to a rich guy or found out that my real family is the japan or wadever country most richest family . Cool ! Yar .. That will make my ife better .
At least I can buy wadever I want . And people will not say I use the bloody word FA to borrow and unwilling return $$ by forcing .
That day will never come . My life is full of hurts, problems and meetingg people who dulan me for no helling good reasons .

It's really make me think of the ad, the song, "Life Is Geat" . Sang by Sin Hui . Ya, your life is great as you can sing so well .
Well, not me . Of coz .

This is the world of hurts . You're born to hurt yourself . To make people hate you . If you don't even live in this hell, I can guess you will be happy, as you never even exist here .

Well, I will end this with "Life is shit, life is shit .. 无聊人生就是SIAN!!"
Wanna know how to sing ? Go and watch the ad, u will know .
haiis .

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