Monday, Oct 22, 2007

by - 1:27 AM

Aiyo, today very sian . So many people didnt come . Great for some, sad for some . Wah, english and lit and ELSW got free period . Yeah ^^ Hahas . So good .

Sci and Math and Chinese checked answers . Wah, Chinese lose 1 mark and that ":" . They said look like a fullstop . Math oso larhs . Can pass sia .. Sci haven copy finished . Ms Lim too fast . Mr Tan showed the math oso so fast . Sianz .

Went Compass Point with Rachel and Jacqueline . Rachel gone home after buying photos . Jacqueline went with me to walk walk Compass Point . Ate the sushi, thanks Jacqueline . ^^
Played the lame 'your highness' game . Keep 'your highness' here and there . hahas .. zzz F7 .

Saw Zhi Feng, Brendon and Ngee Feng damn lots of times lorhs . hhhmmm .. about more than 3? Ma De = Mother . Gou Shi = Ghost . Mao Shi = Mouse . Hahas .

Went home and eat lunch lorh . Then cant play audi and maple, so sianz . Then my eye brow there still in pain . Mr Tan lorh, can aim better lorh . There's still red red lorhs .(blood larhs)
Mr Tan larhs ... zzz ...(go and learn how to throw things better) F7

That's all for my sian sian day . Really damn sian .. Nothing that's good and nice to write .

Really nothing to complain about, but to say that, it's bad . Face sia .. Mr Tan aimming TOO good liao le lorhs . Haiss ..


Rachel and Me
Jacqueline and Me .
Can you see us??

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