Monday, Oct 8, 2007

3:14 AM

hahas ..
today wake up sibei sipei
hahas ..
early lor ..
still cant took the 45 train .
Worst, miss the normal train .
But, luckily never late sia. ^.^

Oh, Ruwaidah today never came to sch again .
Always make me wonder ..
hhhmm .. Someone must be so lonely .
lols .

Today bring my ring I brought ytd .
Totally cool sia ~ ^^
ytd went CP and played timezone and 4gotten to study ..
ssshhh !!
Fine .
Eat the yummy yummy laska FOC !! >.<>lao kai and goldfish?
btw, goldfish is being forbi le .
You are not allow to call me that name, only that guy who make this nick
can call me that ^.*
Oso to you to bytch . hahas ^.^
diao diao diao ~ hahas ^.^

Listening to 183Club de 真爱. Nice hor?
lols .

Lit hor, Mrs Liew explained everything in Silent Reading period
as she will not take us for today's class .

Ms Kang gave us last year de EOY Maths paper to do .
Soso larhs .. 30/50 .
Still can pass ^.*
Thank You, Ms Kang !!

She's our english teacher, but also care about our Maths too .
So good teacher where to find ??

Maths class,
Mr Tan wanna us to ask him qns we dnt noe .
I asked Rachel instead . Opps ! hahas =)

Recess eat with Rachel =]
Laska today again .
But canteen laska but that nice lerh .
Soup sweet . Noodles Salty .
Hahas .. no spicy .. lols .

Went up and have EL .
Talk talk with Rachel only .

Chinese .
Again, nothing happen .

Sci .
Go through the worksheet .
Ms Lee .

Brendon & Me go asked Ms Lee after sch about that Club thingy .
Teacher said to think about it more after exam . hahahas ... lame shit him .
Cool, Brendon is so shy . Don't dare to talk to Ms Lee . hahas ^^

Went home with Rachel . Take MRT together . She went buy Milktea . I go chankee and buy the currypuff . ^^
Take 119 together home . ^^

Tidy my desk and went to use comp till now lor . ^^
g2g .
I go download songs from somewhere and buais le . =]

bb ~

jingwen ; milkshake ^^

p/s Im a mum soon ?? zzz .. no way man ghurl !!

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