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by - 7:18 AM

Jiayous everybodyy tml ^^
Results high high high ^^
Then get high lorh ^^ (lols?)

Ok, tml don't ask me about ydt or whatever day I posted de post . In sch, pls don't ask me about anything on my blog . Unless good things lorh ^^ heehee .. ^^ F2F2 .

I will not entertain any readers tml if they ask me about which person im trying to complain or scold about . Since that time, I wrote school mates . Means, can be pre sec, pri sch or current sec sch . So, pls stop asking me that . Ah, a person "taught" me to mind my own things, which i think is a good advise . So, im here to advise you to stop nosing into my things .

Thank You for reading this notice .
Readers, thanks for being a good and nice loyal ones .
Let us continue our journey to the far endd of the life . ^^

From the admin .
Blogger ; Jing Wen .
BUAI ~ ^^

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