Oct 17 2007

by - 12:34 AM

Today went to the bowling centre . Didn't even bowl a single thing. Happen alot of things . Some I cant even take it .
Friends ? Children ? Childish ? Baby ? Betray ? Backstbbers ? Alot of things I really cant understand it or even think more about it .
Think Think Think .. I'm making myself angry and really, the more I think, the fed up of those incidents .
I really wanna go to school one day with a real gun and will like a pro killa. BANG ! They fall to the ground and I disapper . And suddenly return, saying I ust went to the toilet, asking what happen . And acting shock as these people Im refering to, lying there, not moving . Shock, isit ? Im not really that bad you know . But these people change me . They change me totally . They make my today . Make me till I really cant remember who Im .

How can I ever change myself back ? Cant . Angel to a ?? Killer, to me now, not scaring, but a job that's fun and shocking . Has! Really .. I have gone into somewhere deep inside the darkness ..

Great! Im talking shit again . But, really no one will believe me . They will call it hum ji . They will say, I no gun and the police will catch me if I really shot a person . But if Im train, or have the skill of that .. that will be good . ^^ No sense mind talking craps now again . Show you one day .

Look into the mirror . Think if you really that CUTE or KAWAII . Or even good-looking . Pls . I really beg your pardon ?? Yar, right your face is cute/kawaii/good-looking . *PUKE* PIG FACE . I know I damn ugly . But you have thick skin to say that . You think you what? Models?

Ms Singapore? Mdm ?? lolzzxx ..

Back to where I have left, before my computer mess it up and before it talk craps again ..
Bowling .
Rachel didnt come to sch . Sad .
poor her and me .
Jeslyn frm 1C lend me Ayumi White CD ^^ YEAH ~ ^^
Listen to MOMENT now . To stop all the thinking that this msn guy trying to make me angry .
About them ? Yup . Damn angry .

Yesh !! That guy offline le ^^ good .. coz he so noisy . phew ..
Listen to a song a thousand and one time . But nice mah .

Tomorrow no school !! Yea !! Don't even need to see anyone I like or HATE .
Miss her ..(I not Les)

Wait Ar .. reading Wendy's bloqqie 1st . Sad, she didn't update le . Ya, nothing make her angry, me is everyone of them make me angry .

Today wanna meet Jeslyn1C to eat lunch de . But too sad . She missed the bus and I try to wait for her at Compass Point 83 Bus stop . But didn't see her .. Walk Walk Walk .. saw Esther . ^^ My Gan jiejie ^^
and went to have lunch with her in Yoshi . Has ! I knew you wanna two instead of one right? Taken the student meal . 1 plus only . Eat, talk and went home le . Reach home 2 . Just nice . ^^

Using comp till now . Not playing maple or Audi . But trying to blog when people are msn me ..

Personally, I think, I didn't said who make me so angry, did I? So, everyone, RELAX SIA !!
If you didn't do anything wrong, then why you so afraid ar? Well, I'm caring about my own life now . See, I didn't even complain to anyone . I didn't even write the names here . So what's the point of being so shaky now? School mates mah . Hahas .. you have no prove ^^

People are like that, they don't have prove and they began to think and start to worry if it really them . It's normal, I don't really blame you . I feel the same way . We are human . It's must be one of our feeling too . The feeling of betray is bad . and the result of the trust may cause people falling sick, died, or a heart attack(not death note now pls).
Really . Really . So afraid, to get the new of the trust . It's better to stay in the dark or having to know that answer you have been looking for?

Choice is in people's hand . They don't, pls don't do that . If you are using people things or whatever, even her clothes, shoes, watch, bags, blogs, songs, name, class, school or whatsoever, pls inform and have their permission . Not saying name or anyone, pls just a little story to my dear loyal readers, pls do that . I'm Glad that no loyal readers here, did that . ^^

Aren't you ?

Jingwen .
The Infamous Bloqqer .
p/s but not as infamous as you . ^^
Just Caring For myself .(m I selfish? coz I dont wanna mindd into people's butt) ^^

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