Oct 18 2007

by - 8:59 PM

Haiis .. So sianz .. Going to upload the videos in youtube about the bowling things . But, be warn, it's noisy and it's blur . Haiis .. Who ask me to have this so lan the camfone . No choice . You want you go and watch lor . ^^
Aiyo, Janessa asked me to go to compass point and then to hougang mall . But then, all so sianz . So didn't go lor . She called me, but my mum answered . Don't know what type of shit she told her . Whatever, I don't really care . Can't she just care about her own life? Now she is standing outside the room like a bodyguard, which I don't need and hate it . Can she stop nosing into my piracy? It's damn irritating . And that ad-ware thingy, don't know since when began to pop up every single min . I'm going haywire soon . (that's mean crazy) But then, I really can't stand it lor .

Yesterday my aunt called, I pick up the phone . Sui Sui lor . Then she asked me about school results, then I reply okok larh .. Then she asked me about holidays, I reply saying I'm bored at home and nothing to do . She asked me why didn't I go out shopping . Of coz, I reply 'I no $$ marh .' Which is totally TRUE ! Then she asked me if my both sister got give me $$, which I said NO .(true oso) Then I handed the phone to my mum and went back to my bedroom . At night some more . When I was about to sleep, then I realised that my mum is talking so loudly and can't sleep . (It's like a mic loud lor) Then I heard her complaining to my aunt, saying what I take $5 per day to eat a meal larh .. So x larh .. (which I only spent on TWO meals instead of ONE) Recess - $2.10 (left -$2.90) Then lunch can eat what shit? Then I have to borrow from friends and in the end complaining by their parents foe this little sum of money and kena scolding by Mr Tan lor . Cycle of this began and continue again . I borrowed $$, not for fun, not for buying PPC, not for buying what CD or what Ipod or any shit . I borrowed coz I'm hungry and need FOOD !!

Anyway, back to my aunt . Then my mum say what she 1 meal eat only $2 to $2.50, I eat that much . Think where she eat, Kopitam sia . Me lerh? Think where in the world Compass Point can let you eat a full meal with $2? They ask you go and die for sure .

Give the aunt or uncle a pity look and asked for $2? A slap goes and their scolding begans . Hais.. This is HORRIBLE !!!

Of coz, eat finish all the $$, left what? And return home, mum will ask you what you eat, and how much you spent and left . And then, you dare to tell her ZERO ?!?! 1 more slap goes for you and she will give you NO $$ the next day . Kao!

And then, if you save and don't eat, she will kill you . And you will get hungry . But think, I'm what? A big eater right? I eat alot . And what if I don't eat? I turn pale and can't walk . Of coz my mum will know i didn't eat . Then she will say that, the $$ I save, not eating, will spent on tomorrow recess and don't give me any $$ for tomorrow . Kao ! haiis zz ...

Talking about food, I'm hungry again, but I can't eat . Coz I have eaten my breakfast and have to wait to eat my lunch LATER LATER .. .. and no food now lor . And after this session of computer, which she SAY MUST END AT 1PM(UNFAIR, why can she decide the time??) I have to go and bath le . Which is damn hungry .. I'm going to die in the toilet . ZzzzZzzzZzzzZzzz ....

Headache now ..

I'm ever so sianzz, and wanna go out . But no $$, oso can't .
That's why I'm ever so sianz and still stay at home with my bossy mum .
Can she give me MONEY !!!!!?!?!?!?!?!??!???
wth . go and die larhs ..
dying soon .. can't really stand her .

Mother - Complain/KPO Queen ..


Hope to see your comments in the tagboard ..

If my mum was half times as good as yours can liao le ..

p/s Here to tell you that I borrow $$ to eat onlyy .. ^^

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