Oct 19 2007 Friday

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Hi .
Cool . Got my results . Yar, not so happy with my geo . Fail by a mark . Point coming ...
I'm asking ms yeo for a passing mark . If she don't ... Guess what? hhhmmm ..
Since I'm the actress of Adeline for drama, so how is it? The jump off the building nice? ^^
Zzz .. MS YEO !! GIVE ME THAT MARK !!! PLS !!! haiis ..

Maths, I IMPROVED !!! YAHOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kks .. then, I hate chinese lor . Drop a lot . All that teacher fault lor . She come back and I became like that . That 写名字老师 better lor . At least I can get top 3 lor . Unfair . Brendon's marks higher than me . I cant really 忍下去了。Too bad, got to be a good assasssin . 忍者 加油!!

Hahas, I really surprize that I can pass my science, which I didn't even done finish coz of the tap dance behind me and the howling that pass to me(im behind it). And DNT too . I really happy to pass . Angry that Jacqueline so luckily can get extra 4 marks and kena 60+ while I got a silly 57 .

English no as but as I thought . But can done better . Summary passed . Happy with that . Compo okok larh .. But mr leong said that I can end the compo better . He said that the way I end is weird . Hahas .. I thought so . ^^

We have a long recess but went up to the hall way too early . The sec 3 is still having a talk . And we wait . Got two songs . 1 from Jacqueline . 1 from Jeslyn(1C) . Thanks ! ^^ I like that ‘PrettyBoy’ . By M2M, of coz . That's so sweet .(Their voice larhs)

Went in to watch a show preform by our own punggolite . Made up from the Malay department . Ok, the show is ok . My favourite part, is of coz, if you know me well, you don't need to read it, it is the part of rock band, which is perform by Shakira(did I spell correctly?) and a drummer, 2 guitar guys and a weird guy which kept asking us to clap hands for them . Lols .

The singing part began ok, and it changed . Turned me to sleep . Hahas .. Jacqueline claimed to be sleeping when they sang . Hahas . Opps, not to be rude . Their show is nice and is alot way better than having a boring talk about it .

Went to Compass Point by MRT and number 3 bus . With Ruwaidah, Rachel and not missing out, Jacqueline too . ^^ Guess who we saw? Mr Leong and Mr Tan!! Mr Leong damn funny sia .. said what give me thing, and that a pack of ar, let say litter? Nevermind, took it and throw into a bin nearby . Saw Jeslyn later on . Join us lor and we chit-chat in the library . When it got too cold, Jeslyn requested to get out, which I totally agreed . Phew .. bring in Milk Tea, but all the librarians didn't even saw it . ^^ Good!

When went out and saw who? EDMUND 弟弟. Talk abit, but need to go toilet, 为了离开,asked him if really wanna go with me ar? Of coz he knew where I'm going larhs .. Then didn't follow me le . Then went home taking 119 . A stop only, but since Rachel took the bus, then I took with her lor . Talk talk lor . Then went home and eat eat lor . ^^ Tofu soup for lunch . Yummy ! Later going to drink it again . ^^

So sian .. my mum said if my results good, can buy me a new computer, but I think when she sees my report book with geo failed by a mark . There goes my computer !! No choice . Haven told her that yet . Report book kena bring home then see lor .

New computer with 512RAM, SOUND card, BIG memory and can watch youtube, play maple, audi .. and blog better . Sound good, right? Sound card some more . I have been missing it for a year with this horrible computer ..(jkjk) Must jkjk larh .. if not now break down, (CHOY!) all my pics and songs will be gone . Songs? No sound card, but can put it into handphone and listen marhs . ^^

Can my dear readers think that, if really you are using my this computer, can you survive? Lols . I'm a suviver . ^^ hahas . Some more if really she not happy(she everything all not happy with the larhs) not happy with my results, I can't have new computer and even this horrible oso can't have . Can you able to do that?(without going to lan) Can?

End here today . Don't change channel for more life's most boring life you ever have posts . jkjks ^^ Not calling you, Jacqueline Kwek . Paiseh, know you don't like people calling you this . Cancel le . ^^

From the life's most dumb and boring life qhurl .
JINGWEN ; inFAMOUS blogger .

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Thanks !

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