Sat Oct 06 2007

by - 11:06 PM

HeyHey ~
Finally !! It's Sat!!
Todayy night can watch anime shows on channel U .
Just don't overslp can liao .
FullMetal Alchemist Rawks =)

Ah! Today night got JJ Lin on TV !!
Must go watch !! YESH!!

Wake up so late till 1plus then can eat breakfast .
Still very the hungry sia .

zzz .. cant listen to music now, coz someone is on youtube watch show .
So good .. got the bloody sound card !! I want my sound card back !!
Maybe just go buy a bloody new computer lor .
hhmm ..
Compass Point is opening 'Best', so when open,
surely got that grand opening sales the marh .
I can go see see and buy buy a cheap cheap computer =)

Jeslyn(1c) is going to buy a Ipod . For only $39.90 .
And is Singapore dollars . Not US . hahas .

okok ..
no homework barhs ..
eh ...
nothing better to do ..
slacking at home now ..
Cant even play a freaking hell nice game .
Not Maple, Audi Nor DAL .
Of coz cant play o2JAM, nor Counter Strike .
Hais .. Same to Dota .

Life is bore . Life is bore .
Craps . Start this sh*t again .
So bo liao marhs ..

Ew! Dont fwen u le .. buai~
Get out of my bloqqie u ass hole .
ha ha ha ..
waha ha ha ..

im lame ..
ha ha ha ..
now got a mad freaking hell person in msn .
He or she thought me is another jingwen .
which he or she keep saying that im not jingwen .
which is not true .
Im jingwen .
ha ha ha
he or she is so dumb ass .
Wadever ..
sh*t u ..
wadever or whoever u are .. u LAME SIA !!

okok .. i got it .
His stead name oso jingwen .
hais ..
wadever .. ^__^

Mum is back .. cant talk more ..
so fan !! g2g .. going to eat sh*t now .
haiis !!!

buai ~
jingwen ; lurves

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