Sat Oct 20 2007

by - 9:15 PM

I'm ever so bored . Maple cant play, same goes to audi, and all other games . No sound card oso . Cant play . Damn sianz lor . 12.30PM going to watch a half an hour show . What? Kids Central la. No choice marhs . You think what? I no SCV or whatever marh . Got a Xbox, not 360 sia . No games oso . Sianz . No psp, no handdphone . A lau ya one only . Sianz ..

Later going Compass Point . Anyone wanna join? Think go play Percussion Freak and take the coffee cake mama order the day before home lor . Zzz .. Why must today then got throat problem . Now drinking as much water as I can . But don't think can recover so fast . Sianz . Every time like that de . If I know, ytd should have not eat Tom Yam and eat the more spicy potato . Im ever so bored . Sianz .. hahahas .. now 12.38 le . continue my post later .

Buais ~

JingWen ; " I NOT FAMOUS!! " F4

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