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I got back my report book today . At the last 2ND lesson . Mr Tan got come, but not taking the AV class, taken by Mrs lee.(think is her) Our Chinese teacher, if you don't know . Math lesson was re-leaved, by a Computer teacher, which we waited for about 20 mins locked outside our own homeroom which was damn hot . Mind you, it's hot . Well, he did come up at least . But went down to get our room's keys, leaving our report book unguarded outside the lonely corridors . Then came back tell us that he didn't gotten the key and we headed to the computer ITR lab .(He's a computer teacher, remember?)

Ah, that's where the funny part is . The keyboard,(computer la) the keys are plucked out, just like how we pluck apples down the trees . HA! Some are misplaced nor missing . The mouse is gone too . I remember that I used to steal take the mouse's ball . No, I'm not too sure whether the mouse is a female or male . And I still got 2 balls left at home . Lost one forever, some given to Jacinta, while rest donated to charity . Ex-compassvalites, if you ever heard our school librarian(that old man) complaining about it, you will know . Some were steal by their own cca, librarians .(Jacinta is once a librarian) Balls are gone forever . HA!

Continue from where I left, now the mouse does not need to use balls,(guess a female?) using red laser to move . (poor mouse, having period ever time we on the computers) HA! Now students just take the whole mouse, which I think it's dumb . Catch them is easy, see what is hanging over their pockets or bags .(They maybe ear piece luh)

That's not at all shocking, but interesting . The whole mouse? Whatever . The most amazing is the keys of the keyboard . HA!

Wah, my grades have dropped . A LOT! From the seventh in class, become the tenth in class . Which is damn disgrace . My conduct, from very good, become good only . Cause my sister went on complaining and adding problems to Mr Tan, which I find it damn annoying .(I can spell 'annoying' without help!!) From the percentage of 65.4 droped to 64 . Which is damn lot !

Yar, I'm luckily to be promoted to sec 2 express . (If I'm as clever as Wendy[xiaxue]) Level position is 27 . So so larh . Can do better . Last time mid year, Brendon won over me . Now, I win him !! By 1 mark, I think . His class position is 11 . HA!

Wah, Mr Tan is so fake . Read this :

JingWen is a caring pupils who takes the initiative to help her friends when the need arises . She is a friendly and pleasant student and gets along well with her classmates .

Really marh? Only wrote two lines . And some are untrue . I like the part when he said I take the initiative to help my friends, but not all the times . Cause Im trying to avoid problems myself too . Friendly? Don't need to say . Sick of hearing it . Really, am I that FRIENDLY?? HA! Primary School, most teacher wrote that as comments .Which will not surprise my sister that much . Try writing something like bad girl slacked around at compass point . The very next day, you can see me with panda eyes . Not that I didn't sleep . Is that I kena a hit from my family . HA!

Really .

And since when do I get along well with my classmates? Fights most of the time lo . Term1 with Kelly . (hope she forgive and forget) Term2 with ... Recent Jacqueline . But over liao bah . We didn't talk as much as we used to . Cause I'm not telling any secrets out .

Revenge Is Sweet .

Everyone knows that too . So shut my ass and shut your asses too . Think I care too much, cause Mr Tan there wrote strongly . No wonder that time _______ said that to me . I really have no rights to care for others . Cause it's others . No me . But I wrote that, not because I wanna act selfish, but she advised me DON'T to .

Choir, I got speech day mah? Why there wrote I got? Whatever . Hack care it .

Courtesy? I got ar? I thought I don't . I have a VERY strongly . Yar right .

Pass everything with 1 A2 for science . A~ Brendon got 4 As, but why his position not higher than me? Ok, whatever .

English - B4
Chinese -B3
Maths - C5
Science - A2
Geop - C5
Hist - B3
Lit - B4
DNT - B3
HomeEco - B4
Arts - B4

Marks are here . Stop asking me . And to those who hate me, you can laugh as much as you can, for your teeth soon be dropping out . That you will said, bug tooth is better than no tooth ^^

Thank You Notes

If English is not Mr Leong teached me, I think I can go N(A) .
If Chinese is not cai lao shi teached, I can get A2 or better .
Maths must thanks Mr Tan for setting the paper so easy for me to let me JUST pass .
Science must thanks Ms Aisha . Love her chem . Ms Lim for scolding us awake and telling us your life story, although some people found it boring and wanna sleep . Bio is one subject that I hate . Cause I can't remember any notes . Absent-minded Me . Ms Lee, the chio bu teacher who is so kind to us . Hate maths, and Phys need it . But I hope I can do better .
Geop, hating ms yeo a bit, but soon no . Cause changed to a better teacher and showed us the hippo on youtube that sang the forest song with 'dee dee dee' .
History, thanks MrQ and I always love his class . So funny . Ms Yeo is OK . But she didn't teached us much . And I can't understand . She was always haven have a chance to talk when some people made noises . Once or twice I did talk, but cause she didn't teach mah .
Lit, hate the class . Mrs Liew didn't even teach us any single thing . Only scold us for an hour and made us stand for an hour . I'm luckily not to have fail it .
DNT is the subject when I reach Sec 3, never wanna to take it . Cant't remember anything . Woods names??? Thanks, Mdm Ng . Although her voice makes me sleep and the room too heaty too .
Arts . Prefer last time that art teacher before he retired . Mr Yong Ok lah .

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That's all folks!~
p/s thank Rachel's card of UNO . And players too . Only not for sobo-er . ZF!!!
p/s sry for cant go to the bowling . Mum loh !!!!!

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