Tuesday, Oct 23, 2007

by - 10:54 PM

Wah seh, think today oso lots of people didnt come to sch . Of coz Rachel sure will go de larh . Guai Kia marh . I wanna go too, but cant . Pain sia . Hurted my neck . Hahas .. lame . Really, very painful . Not that I dont wanna turn, but is cant . Turning my neck will make it damn painful .

Today cant go to sch, that's mean that I cant take the JJ Lin's CD from Yu Hui . Argh!! Sad luh . Why yesterday is my worst unluckily day ever? Yup, trust me I hate it so damn much!!

It cause me to cant go sch . But dont worry too much, alot of people oso didnt go . Fiona, SinYi, Pietrek and more barh . Fiona and SinYi, i'm not too sure larh . Only saw their msn on9 .

Read my pri6 blog just and saw that's all broken english . If you dont understand what im writing now, pls dont even go to my pri6 blog . Some has words that you cant understand . hahas . And i read one of my post, about maple . That time I lvled up to lvl 15 only and im damn happy about it . Make me laugh so much . Really, lvl 15 is not high . No wonder HHK called me a nood and Ken called me a nerd . Zzzz .. But then, at least that time I can still play maple right? Now so sad . Cant leh .

By the way, I maybe having a new computer, but kena forced by my mum to do this and that . But not too sure I can have or not .

Pls pls, got any kind and fine souls to help me keep some of my pics and songs? Coz I really need to . My computer is soon to breakdown le . Before it's too late, any one can help me keep?

Just a moment ago, Jeslyn called, asking me to wanna go ps . PS?? Too retarded . Plaz Sing lah . Think what, Punggol Sec is it?? Zzz .. Then told her cant . And explain the problem to her . She said the moive they watched just, oso got . hahas . Nevermind, at least I got a MC . ^^

G2g~ buaibuais .
jinqwen .

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