Wednesday, Oct 24, 2007

by - 3:44 AM

Wah, today sianz .. lots of people didnt come to school . Fiona, SinYi, Pietrek, Delwyn, Hermen and more . At least yesterday got moive, today so sianz . Only can watch Mdm Ng's Spiderman2 which is damn old and art teacher derh billy whatever, about the ballet guy .

Wah, look at kaiteck's psp, so good . Brendon is going to have one oso . Sad, I will never have it . Look at gameboySD oso cant have .

Da Jie say I have to wait and dahan using this horrible computer till March which it will be cheaper . And that one will be counted as my Marchy birthday present . ^^ Hurry leh .. cant wait . But next year oso cant play lot . Cause Sec 3 mah . Need to go to better class . ^^ 3A .
Ah ha! I just chiong my maple to lvl 35 - 48 and audi lvl 14-18 . Audi damn hard to train, you know . For me larh . My butterfingers .

Okok, continue today's . Do anything, but gotten some songs from brendon and jacqueline . Exchange songs with Rachel . Jacqueline can send me that 1st love FULL VERSION? thanks .

Looking for Beautiful lier . Think by Shaira and who lah .. Beyonce ar??? Who got can send me??
Zzz ...

Yoyoyo people !! Jiayous for tmr derh results . See what mr tan will give you as comments . Hahs .. Sure will write what "______ is good in class . She/He improve the work alot and can do better ." Sure derh la . Primary School oso like that .

Yeah, gotten JJ Lin derh "edisWEST" West Side la . Yu Hui lend me . Thanks a million !!!
JJ Lin, 帅哥 万岁,万万岁!!

Back to where I left . Summary of my thoughts today, 知人知面不知心,劝你交友要小心。©
My favourite poem ever ^^ copyrightted . ©

Found out that no one really knows me that well . Janessa? so-so . Best of so far . Jevithra too!!
Through that, I thought that all J's can be trusted . But Im wrong, see? Of all this, I should had kept my bloody mouth shut . I should have not tell anyone how i really feels as no one does and no one can even understand me . No unless . And stop saying I know how you feels, cause im myself, not you nor any body else . You dont know how much of the pain i had . Cause of that, Im sure now, that even a bit of a person cant be trusted .

That's all folks . See ya~

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