Ex cloth in ness

by - 9:42 PM

Wah ..
looked at this :

paiseh if you can't see how much it really cost .
$80+ for a shirt that looks good only for sleeping .
but you shall see ..
buy from 'ness'
if you really don't know what it is,
go compass point, 2nd floor, i think .
got this shop too .
go in and take a good look at the tag .
If this shirt is nice looking and using better cloth,
I think I can said is good .
But look at this .
It's like you brought home a cloth .
"Mother, you wanna this NEW cloth for cleaning?"
"Ah girl ar, you siao isit? $80+ for cleaning?!?!"
totally nuts .
Well, at least you can think, why am I nuts to buy it? Cause it's taken at my house .
The answer is:
That person didn't even wear it and she gave it away and to my house .
I'm not going to say who that is, but buying something that you don't wanna wear and cost a bomb for this ugly cloth, I mean shirt, that's a waste of MONEY!!!
You think you an ATM ar?
Sh*t that cloth .
p/s I'm not saying 'ness', but asking all of you to think and choose your clothes properly .
Waste of money ..

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