Monday, Nov 05, 2007

by - 5:50 AM

106th POST!!
Wah .. changing and finding a new and nice blog skin till I have no time to post le ..
Skin still looks yuck! (paiseh)
Will try to make it better the next time I can use Internet .
Mother will soon be nagging at me, as she gave me warning le . got to go le ..

Today go out to Compass Point with two feng zi and one siaogao .
Can guess yourselves ..
Damn them all!!
Hate them .. zzz .. PangSeh=Fat ^^

Whatever .

Regreted knowing that person and now trying fully with all my might to hack care that person .
hhhmmm ..

Wah! Tomorrow got band le .. 8.30AM in the morning .. Sian ..
Later see can call Dan Ying or not . Meeting her tomorrow .

Jeslyn called and told me about a bitch story .

And some super lame prankers .

Wah .. today at timezone got this little girl, name Zoel .
She pro lorh ..
Keep asking me for my drumstick . She's mine, okay?
She's my baobei and only Rachel, from NorthSpringPri can use it!!
But I lend her lah .. But when I wanna go home, she insisted me to stay, just because she wanna use my stick . It's her fault that she didn't even have a stick and her fault that she didn't bring any ez-link card to borrow from the counter .

**Listen up, by now, any drummerd who plays Percussion Freak, note that to yourself that you must bring your ez-link, or your OWN stick . She hit so hard that mine gonna become a chicken drumstick soon . Wah Kao!!

Anyway, she got my number, but then I got BOTH her home and handphone .
Ah ha! I can stay away from her and said I'm busy .

Just now is that I run away saying I looking for my twinz bro, EDMUND!!
Thanks Edmund, your name SAVED me . hahas ..
and and ..

Oh, yupyup . My twinz also came to timezone and
Wah~ you say I percussion PRO~ ar?
hahas .. no larh, no lah .. I always miss-ed the notes derhs lah .. hahas ..
zzz .. (too act liao) ^^

Nope, I got alot of tudi s hahas ..
Percussion Master derhs oso .. ^^
Whatever ..

buaibuai .. jiejie hui lai liao~
Still got bubble gum in my mouth . *Spit* hahas ..

Whatever ..

I finally can know how to blow bubble le ^^


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