Monday, Nov 12, 2007

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10Nov, Sat, 2007
I went to bugis with da jie again .
I must said that people in bugis are not as kind as people 'round Seng Kang area .
I was only asking a damn old lao ah ma for handphone to call .
She refused .
Quited talking to you own ah ma gang la .

I asked a woman around 30 to 40 plus and she said she was carrying her baby and have no hands to pass hers to me .
Oh pls, if you kind that good, you can asked you nu er at your side to take your handphone out .

Not saying that all Singaporeans are selfish, but at least I'm not .
At least I got lend people alot of times and they don't .

OK, back to the topic .

Da Jie was lated . I waited for her about 10mins .
I was just on time and she was late .
I from Seng Kang can be there and she from Parkway can be late . hahas ..

And she haven eaten her lunch .

We walked around Bugis Streets .
She brought alot of clothes .
and a hello kitty chain .

The day before, I went with my GHURLfriends and saw a hello kitty shop, selling hello kitty bags, and da jie asked me to bring her there .

And I can't find that losted shop .

I brought 2 kawaii shirts .
Wanna see?
Go my friendster and you will see .
I just uploaded them .

My friendster link is just at below . [box]
OK, we shopped till 4.35PM and I took less than a hour home . [5.25PM]

Saw two gays on my way home . Yes, I can't force people not to be gays, but I find it funny, that's all .
Maybe cause one was wearing a girly jacket . Another was carrying a handbag .
Well, their looks are gay-lookings too .

And got this ang mo guy, walked straight into me and never say sorry . Kao!

Well, that's all for my boring day .
See Ya~

p/s Ex-compassvalites, pls tell me if you all are going back to cvps this wed .
What time?? Meet Where?? Whatever ..


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