Sat Nov 03 2007 & Sunday Nov 04 2007

by - 1:15 AM

Really paiseh ..
This few days didn't really have the permission to on computer with Internet, so I didn't post .
Grates for Fiona, level 63 le .. so good ..

Watch-edd Nanoha finished le .

What nice anime shows to watch?
Death Note?

D.N Angel?

Whatever .

Any guys or people or ghurlfriends wanna go out this week?
hhmm ..
got cheap lan and yummy food .

got nice shirts .
watch a movie?

sry, to sian le ..

Ermm ...

What more??

Anyone wanna go out?? I at home bored to death ..
This is making me lose control of becoming so damn sianna ..

Whatever .. Sian talking sh*t ..

Hey, this few days really so sian that in the early morning woke up and nothing to do .
Mother dint allow me to use computer unless I help out in chores, or whatever it called .

Woke up and watched Kids Central .
Wah, got teen titans movie sia ..
Robin or whatever his name .. (that guy, the leader lorh) so shuai horh!!!
Wah, StarFire so lucky~ Woots~ zzz ..
Hahas .. they went Jap . Tokyo .
BeastBoy got alot of girls chasing him .
Cyborg got alot of food by the sushi master . hahas ..
That's Sat .

Sunday, which means today, I watched High School Musical .
Troy so funny, got a hideout .
Gabriella very chio worhs .
Sharpay so chio oso ..
Ryan too retarded le . It's 'Go Dramma Club' la ..
Chad and Taylor very lols ..

Wah, so who can send me high school musical derhs songs?
Who's the kind soul here?? Hahas ..

Zac Efron as Troy Bolton
Vanessa Anne Hudgens as Gabriella Montez
Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans
Lucas Grabeel as Ryan Evans
Alyson Reed as Ms. Darbus
Corbin Bleu as Chad
Monique Coleman as Taylor
Chris Warren, Jr. as Zeke

10 am - Danny Phantom
Meet 14-year-old Danny Fenton. Danny's an ordinary teenager, other than the fact that he's a superhero. A normal teenager who happens to have superpowers which he uses to fight evil ghosts. Danny can change into a superhero to battle supernatural forces however during the day, he still has to face the wrath of all that is high school.

Danny so shuai oso .. hahas .. you fa hua chi le ..
haiis ..
got to go le .. wanna go eat liao .. 5.28PM for lunch .. -.-
and watch tv too ^^


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