Sat Nov 10 2007

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Sat Nov 10 2007
Hahas .. Finally can post le .. last post didn't finish, mummy came back le ..
and that's 6 Nov, not 5th . Thanks (:
Ok, i change the timezone le . (GMT +08.00)
Ok . Post-ing about yesterday's busy moments .

Wah seh, Woke up at 9AM and hurried to work . $20 sia .. Think is only $10, but got another $10 is a need, ok!
Cause I was sorting out papers halfway, and I saw this insect, which was slim and white in colour and its look, can make you JUMP!
And so, I saw THREE of THEM!!

No, wait .

Is four of them .
and the last one I saw in between the papers, is a damn large one .
Ok, maybe not as large as you think, but is bigger than the rest .
And now, I'm still afraid that I will get to see one soon .

And you know, that insect looks abit kind of like, you know, the square pant show, and that insect is green colour, but this one is white .

Wah .. yesterday went bugis .. walked in the bugis streets . Got alot of $10 nice tee and more ..
Wah .. paiseh .. cant post le .. da jie wanna jio me go bugis streets again today le .. haiis .. hahas ..
okok, going to buy some nice nice tee le ..

p/s I meeting her 1.30PM at bugis and I'm at home now ..
Still haven ask mummy for permission yet!!!
Wah kao!!!

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