by - 10:42 PM

Today got band . Wah, ms ten late . I waited for Dan Ying about 10mins in Compass Mac, and left hurriedly without her .
Phew, 8.30AM, just nice . But it started at 8AM . No, ms ten said only we three person only . But then, the rest of the band members were there too .
She said 8AM, but the rest of them said she told them 8.30AM . That's means she wanna us to be early, but in the end, she was late due to traffic jam .
We practiced ourselves . With the rest of the members .
HuiTing was being pulled to connet or whatever it's called . The smaller size of a trumpet .
Wah, too long being a da xiao jie le .
Trumpet too heavy for me to hold le .
shou hui hen suan .

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