Wed, Nov 28 2007

by - 10:36 PM


It's been soo looonng that I last wrote, all my computer's faults larhs!!
Now using library's .
Better, but slow and laggy and needs MONEY!!!

Well, my Da Jie Fu lend me his DS to play and I played it for long hours and was kena taken away by my er jie lorhs ..

Now still looking for a job .

Better than staying at home with my jie and mother lorhs .

Sh*t larhs ..
headache lorhs ..

Kao sia .. say I what?
Mother care more about bills than me!
She asked me to sleep before 11pm as she wanted her bills to be cheaper, what the-!!!
Think they don't know that they are saying bad things about me and I don't know .
Where got this type of family?
Damn shucks lorhs!!

Listening to Fiona's blog derhs song, so damn nice lorh ..
long time derhs song le, been looking for it since I was Primary 2, and can't find .
Hoping she can tell me what's that title and I can download it ^^

Wait-, think is Pri 4 ar? Whatever . Just looking for it .

11 more min ...

Okay, hate them .

Play DS like siao!

Er jie damn bad lorh .. Opps!
She don't allow me to go out with friends to catch moive, "HERO" .

Now 'my' DS is in her hand and if I wanna play, I have to do
40 tests .
And I took more than half a day to do it .
Out of 40, must get 20 .
Yesterday I do soo looong and got 10 correct .

You know that my English is not that good marhs ..

Fine .

6mins more ..


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