Cutie545 Jacqueline Shucks To The Core

by - 3:43 AM

yOyO quys .
Thanks for viewing my bloggie .
Talking to WeiXiang and JayChen .
Jay knew that Jacqueline used fake photos .
She's a liar .
Think What? Come and jio me larhs . Ah Lian .
Never smoke before, say you did .
She got metal disorder .
Should we show her some care?
Answer is NO!!!!!
Why should we?
She's the crazy one who started everything .
I will never ever forgive her .

Die than forgive her .
Write horrible things about me in her blog,
think she got what?
Back Up?
My Foot!

She got Ji
then I can be Qi Gong Zhu liao le .
Damn my football .
Ass Hole!

Destiny1503 rawks like hell, okay?
Even Mr Tan know my nick liao .
Not like you, shao zhu .
Mr Tan don't know you .
The Infamous Cutie .

I should end here liao .
Continue next time .
Mother nagging liao .

This post can mean anyone . So Jacqueline, you can't sue me
or complain about me .
The world got alot of people name Jacqueline .
And they are so unlucky .
You know that reasons .

Don't Miss Me Too Much ~

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