Friday, 25 Jan 2008

by - 6:29 AM

Fun The World Day

Cool, finally understand what Mr Tan talking about . K = Constent .

Finally .

Went to English class . Damn funny . Alvis went to sat at Charmaine's place and said, " Charmaine, you are flat-chested and got hair on the chest . Lols . "

We laughted like crazy nuts . Mrs Hwee kept looking at us . At last, she can't take it as the class was so restless . She gave us homework, which I don't really understand . Die lo .

Then Mrs Hwee asked that got a word in the passage or something like that, start with "A" . And Charmaine was not listening in class, wanna bully Adri . She sat on Alvis's seat, which is next to me . She called: "ADRI!"

Of cause the whole class laughted . But she don't even know why they laughted . I explained to her and she laughted like nuts, just like me and YiLin . Lols .

After school, I was waiting to go to Rivervale Plazza . YiLin was fine with it . But Joey was not . She asked us to stay back in school or go White Sand . Said that she don't know how to go back home, unless someone bring her back to school . So we have a big troblem .

It was solved that, Joey and YiLin stayed back in school, while me, Ruwaidah and Rachel and Jeslyn went to RP .

I need to go there as I went to visit my fourth aunt's hus furernal (correct spelling?) . Joey made me waited for about like half or more hour .

Finally, Me and Rachel ate in KoFu, while Jeslyn and Ruwaidah waited nicely for us to finish our food . Nooddles~ Wee~

As usual .

Then we went to a void deck (folks' corner) and chat there . We talked about what we dislike about one another, so that we can change for the better . And we played truth or dare, without the dare . Lols . Then they went home and I talk to my mother and fourth aunt awhile before I leave too .

When home and tried to do DNT and English homework and can't do both . Die!


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