by - 9:16 PM

Finally can use computer le...
Sch derh marh...
At sch, happen alot of things .
Such as :

She's being hated .
Pls, those who have friendster acc
go and add a group .


Who's cutie545?



zzzz ...

She's kicked out of GirLfrienDs on 15o1o8`
Love that day..

4get about her ..

Jeslyn siting beside me now ..
Got nice song hear leh ..
zzz .. (ai de zhu xuan lu)
by linyuzhong rite??

Thiink so ..

Paiseh ah .. so long neber wrote le ..
and wrote in singlish..
next time going to buy a new comp .
HP derh horh ..

Joey and YiLin oso in Girlfriends le!! So HAPPY~~~

got to go le ..
friendster nid to go and so does bloggie ..
relink ppl le ..

SONG so boring mah?
Jie, don't anyhow say, okay??

tada! Tag me pls!!! byebye~

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